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Online Marketing Workshop – how to identify the right context of a business

Online Marketing Workshop – how to identify the right context of a business


Entrepreneurs, managers and online specialists from Timisoara have the opportunity to attend the first Online Marketing Workshop delivered by Ciprian Susanu, Managing Partner at Dare Digital. The workshop will take place on the 25th of October, at Hotel Timisoara. During the 4 hours of intensive training, the participants will get the useful insights, applied to the field they represent, in order for them to start their first online marketing campaign.

When developing a business, the right usage of the characteristic tools makes the difference between the marketing budget and an investment. This is the reason why the workshop’s structure takes into account the stages of planning and implementing a correct online marketing campaign which will have notable results in the offline.    

Some of the dimensions that the workshop offers to the participants are the right analysis of the market and of the competitors’ websites , the effective communication with the clients and how to reach a now public sector. At the end of the event, the students will have a real perspective on developing their own online marketing strategy, properly monitored and improved.

The relevance of the information and the efficiency of the practices presented is guaranteed by the 300 online projects experience of Ciprian Susanu in the 11+ years of his career.

“The online is a dynamic environment, always on the move. In my opinion, our professional evolution and the development of the businesses that we work for are highly related to how well we keep up with the news. I am sure that the fast adaptation to the innovations in the field has helped me gain the experience which I have today, as well as it has helped me the participation in projects of interest to me. So I decided to deliver this workshop in another big city of Romania, Timisoara. I am coming here because I believe that the title of European Cultural Capital for 2021 will generate more economic dynamism in the area, and an online marketing strategy, properly implemented, will generate better and better results.” –  Ciprian Susanu, Managing Partner at Dare Digital.

The registration for the Online Marketing Workshop is free, on the website: