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HackTM 2015 – Let’s Code and Make Together

HackTM 2015 – Let’s Code and Make Together

Programmers are a different breed of professionals. I am stating this after spending thousands of hours with them (as a non-programmer and attentive observer). Future or current, junior or senior, freelance or employee, entrepreneur or consultant programmers, they all have a special set of personality traits significantly differentiating them from other guilds: they strive to create, they want to share, they dear to compete, they show the mastery of their art, they chase the challenges much more than others.

I do not know another professional group members so regularly committing time after long office hours presenting and debating new technologies, showcasing core-business or collateral, pet-projects, asking for and/or offering feedback, late in the week’s working days meetup events. They are mentoring in the 7 CoderDojos in the Timisoara Metropolitan Area for almost 52 Saturdays a year, bringing knowledge, friendship, self-confidence, empowerment and joy to large groups of 7-17 years old coding ninjas, they future co-workers, employees or, why not employers… 🙂

Their passion drives their interest and activities in so many different directions, best demonstrated by the diversity of Timișoara constellation of specialized tech communities illustrated in the city’s record.


Once a year the spree is getting extreme: HackTM is bringing together hundreds of the coding and making enthusiasts of Timișoara in a super-sized and multi-tracked event stretching over a whole weekend. HackTM counted for 350+ participants in October 2014 inaugural edition, allegedly the biggest hackathon in South Eastern Europe. This year, on November 6th-8th, in an extended partnership, with the initial organizers Banat IT and Timisoara Startup Hub receiving reinforcement from ARIES-TM (Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry – Timisoara Branch), we are attempting for an expansion of HackTM 2015 beyond the 400 participants notch with unlimited fields of for participants within the City Projects, Automotive, eHealth, Game Development, Open and the “protected” Kids Coding tracks.

The substantiate list of sponsors of this year’s edition is opened by Audials-powered by Rapid Solution Software, the Hackathon Partner , ISoftBet, the Track Partner, Continental, Digital Education, DreamProduction and SafeFleet, the Gold Sponsors, AmdarisAutolivAudioNowAvaelgoAtigeoDialogDataFrontier SiliconHaufeInfobestIntelligent Software SystemsMovidiusTelenav,  the Silver Sponsors, and our great group of friends and organizing partners from Timisoara City Hall, Politehnica University of Timisoara, West University of Timisoara, Multimedia Centre, Smart City Association, github, Cariera in Ctrl, ASSEUT, OSUTCoderDojo Timisoara,,,, TechCafe, Gadget Talk, Today Software MagazineTimisoara Mobile Development Group. They will offer to participants mentoring and project challenges, devices, sensors, programming platforms and programming tools.

Each of the tracks’ winners will receive, of course “hackable” awards while the best of the best, the overall winners will receive participation tickets to the 2016 edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, offered by ARIES-TM.


Life is too short to code alone! Join Timisoara hackers and makers in the best tech event in Western Romania! Register here