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123ContactForm-led workshop inaugurates new Banat IT program to diffuse technology in local economy

123ContactForm-led workshop inaugurates new Banat IT program to diffuse technology in local economy

Banat IT and Timisoara Startup Hub jointly initiate Chance2Enhance a program aiming to locally-developed techology diffusion in local companies through a first event to feature 123ContactForm tools.

One of the components of Banat IT’s mission is to build frameworks to facilitate interactions between local tech and non-tech sectors, in order to increase the usage of IT&C in the overall regional economy and the society at large, riding the global economic and technological trends.

123ContactForm opens Chance2EnhanceProbably there’s no need for significant effort to note that within Timisoara/Timis County/Banat economy there is a significant rift between the top industries, driven mostly by foreign investment (IT, telecom, automotive), and the traditional ones, resulted mostly through the transformation of the old, pre-’89, “communist businesses” or emerged as startups launched by local entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it is obvious that those more dynamic tech industries products and services are targeting almost exclusively foreign clients and markets and that even Romanian tech business owners are preferring to sell to and support the more predictable, educated, and obviously richer US or EU customers,  and not the local businesses, frequently operated in the same neighborhood.

“Taming business processes with forms” workshop, Chance2Enhance program’s inaugural event, will offer interested SME owners, entrepreneurs, HR, marketing or sales managers an opportunity to learn from representatives of 123ContactForm, one of the most successful Timisoara startups, how web forms can be the answer to various business problems. 123ContactForm equip about one million clients worldwide with the ability to build and make use of powerful, fully integrable forms, totally adaptable to most diverse business process types, as it is fully accepted that, nowadays, time is the most valuable resource entrepreneurs have.

Tue, April 25th, starting 18:30, in Timisoara Startup Hub, Cristi Zlavog, [Client] Engagement Manager at 123ContactForm, will explain and exemplify how using sets of smartly build forms will save time, increase project productivity, automate time-consuming manual tasks, streamline communication and information workflows while managing granular processes.

Looking forward to welcome you!