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Banat IT X-mas Party: Ending 2014 in High-Style!

The idea

Banat IT Summer Barbeque has been the first event of this kind to bring together IT passionates of Timisoara and nearby in an informal gathering for networking & leisure reasons. It has also been a proper occasion to officially launch Banat IT as a community aggregator of talents and values in the tech ecosystem of Banat.

Banat IT X-mas Party follows the same format as the former mentioned event, with the intention of nurturing andScreen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.40.21 further promoting what the Banat IT community has been achieved in the past two undoubtedly fruitful seasons.

Most IT companies organize in mid December their private X-mas parties where their employees have fun celebrating the best team moments of the past year and build the hope for the year to come.

We propose to go beyond the corporate boundaries and accept that good things happen in the IT sector in Timisoara and its Banat IT community. We want to acknowledge and build upon the natural relationships that exist between IT people at personal level and create community awareness in the Banat space. Such informal gatherings provide bonding and help achieve connectivity. These are the premises for a strong community platform to create new opportunities and initiatives in Banat.

(Perfect) Timing

Date: 11th of December 2014
Time: 21:00 – slow immersion into the new space and ambient
          23:00 – dive into fun and party time

The More-than-Inspiring Venue

Remember our incentive about going beyond corporate boundaries? Well, we think we’ve found the right place for that. It’s not a coincidence that it’s called Off-Office!

We are proposing a new location for the X-mas party, a club that has just been open in Timisoara. It is located in the very city center of Timisoara, next to the Commerce Chamber. It is a slick place, a psychedelic play of futuristic look & feel combined with the old of black & white. You can find out more about Off-Office Club here.


This event is especially dedicated to you and people like you, from the Banat IT community. It is meant to be a moment of informal and smart casual interaction between you and your colleagues, friends, former colleagues, future friends, thus it has been designed especially for networking and fun. All you have to do is mark the date and bring your party mood with you! Here’s a trailer of what we have in mind for the Banat IT X-mas party:


So, what are you waiting for? RSVP here and spread the word about your participation!


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