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BIT Summer BBQ: The Event

Dear friends, thank you for joining our event, Banat IT Summer Barbeque! It has been an occasion of great joy to see you all enjoying the BIT atmosphere! For those of you who did not attend, yet still are curious to find out what happened, we’ve prepared a few numbers to have an idea:

2014-07-23 at 15.02.43

  • over 1000 beers on the tables (and near them!)
  • more than 300 participants 
  • 150 tasty burgers
  • 100 goulash plates
  • 14 media mentions
  • 11 supporting sponsors
  • 2 talented bands
  • 1 team of hard-working organizers. 

The whole atmosphere had a special vibe due to the empowering live music. It was quite surprising for the most to see that such little kids from ALL Friends Band could perform so well and have such a vivid presence. Needless to say that for The Case, it’s been like a substantial concert. They have gathered the appreciation of the whole crowd; the band has certainly earned quite some fans that evening.

It’s a fact that the venue has completed the atmosphere, as there could be no better place than @La Căpițe to depict the theme of BBQ in such a friendly and accessible manner.

We’ve had raffles and contests, we had prizes and without a doubt, we had fun. It’s been proven once again that Timișoara has an active and dynamic community, willing to take part of and enthusiasted about joining such events as the BIT Summer BBQ.

Although this community gathering has been a small step for the IT community of Timisoara, it has surely been a big step for Banat IT. As intended, the event has succeeded in bringing together IT passionates and professionals with a proper mood for networking, socializing and entertainment. 

We would like to express our appreciation regarding the interest and support of all the actors involved. On this occasion, we would like to thank our supporting sponsors, among which we name: Frontier Silicon (Gold Sponsor), Haufe-Lexware, Cloudbase Solutions, Movidius (Silver Sponsors), Avaelgo, Dialog Data, Digital  Education, Kilpatrick, Unified Post, Visma and White Dot Design (Event Sponsors).

Due to the high rate of success of the BIT Summer BBQ event, we’re planning a winter edition of the community-gathering. Stay tuned!

For more information, please read other related articles: the Announcement, the Contest, the Atmosphere, Your Arrival, the Page.

You can find photos from the BIT Summer BBQ here: 1st album, 2nd album, 3rd album.

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