Asociația Banat IT


HackTM, CoderDojo, Banat IT Summer BBQ are all familiar names to programmers in Timisoara. The volunteers of Banat IT put their passion to work by creating opportunities for our community.


HackTM is the largest hackathon in south-eastern Europe. Organised by Banat IT in Timisoara since 2014, each edition units hundreds of tech savy people under the same roof. We put together the environment and atmosphere for everyone to hack away, complete with mentoring support and a wide open­ floor and well-fitted […]


The first Timisoara implementation of the Irish-led global movement of coding clubs for kids. CoderDojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology. Bring your kids to learn to code, hack, develop websites, apps, games and more or come yourself to mentor. […]


The largest educational event for children and young programmers takes place every autumn, reuniting ninjas of all 15 CoderDojo centers from Timisoara and its metropolitan area. We make an effort to bring together 512 ninjas between 7 and 17 years old who share one common trait: passion for programming. The […]


HackTalks is a conference supporting the tech community in Timisoara, Romania – home to an exciting tech ecosystem, where corporations, family companies, and startups employ no less than 12.000 IT professionals. For its first 2 editions the event was opening HackTM, a large-scale hackathon which brings together hundreds of IT […]

Banat IT BBQ

The Banat IT BBQ is an informal annual networking event which is meant to be a moment of smart casual interaction between YOU and your colleagues, friends, former colleagues, future friends, beyond organizational boundaries. Since this is an event organized by IT people, you can expect to enjoy music played […]