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Timisoara Mobile Development Group Intense Activity in February, 2014

Timisoara Mobile Development Group is THE community focused on mobile technologies in West Romania activating since December 2010. Counting almost 400 members and having organised more than 50 events, TiMo has moved its activity to the next level  in February 2014 when running its first open training events, complemented with a hackathon and the regular monthly group’s meetup.

The common element of the 4 events was the presence of the London-based iOS developer and trainer Paul Ardeleanu.

With the support of Multimedia Center or Politehnica University in Timisoara, TiMo has organized two iOS training events, dedicated to newbies to Apple-backed technologies and to advanced developers, both delivered by Paul. 17 young Timisoara based developers, students, freelancers, employees and even faculty members added to their professional skillsets relevant iOS development knowledge.


A great way to practise and fix extremely early the newly acquired tech knowledge was offered to training participants by TiMo, co-organizing with [e-spres-oh] a one-day iOS mini-hackathon. The inspiring and hospitable premises of [e-spres-oh], one of the top Timisoara startups, witnessed an intense Sunday mobile development action. This hackathon resulted in alpha versions of two promising community orriented apps, hopefully to be launched soon!

The set of events concluded with the February meetup of Timisoara Mobile Development Group hosted by the City Business Development Centre. The event’s agenda featured, besides Paul Ardeleanu, presentations of projects developed by Parudi and Hi-Breathe. Last but not least, we’ve enjoyed a passionate intervention of Daniel Franc, a reputed international community management consultant from Prague, on reving the Timisoara Google Developer Group.

The February four events over four consecutive days period set a record for Timisoara Mobile Development Group. A record to be probably paralelled soon by other mobile technology and business training events, hackathons and community meetups! We are looking for more mobile tech enthusiasts, developers and companies from Timisoara and beyond to join and benefit from TiMo intense activity!

More information about TiMo Development Group can be found on the official Facebook page linked below:

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