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Summing Up HackTM 2016

The Banat IT flagship event, HackTM 2016, took place May 20-22, conveying more than 420 participants in the welcoming premises of the University Restaurant belonging to Timișoara Politehnica University. The energy, enthusiasm and tech creativity accumulated on the event venue, originating from Romanian, Italian, German, Slovakian, Serbian, Moldovan programmers and designers, transformed over the weekend in a surprisingly diverse set of projects.

The specialized track juries had a difficult task in selecting the best projects, mainly because their large number and secondly, because almost all of them were thought provoking and eye appealing.

The winner of HackTM2016 is an Android anti-spyware app called Scandroid,  that checks whether the applications installed on user’s phone is sending information to third parties without your consent.


The winning team: Adrian Cuzman, Mihai Simioana , Radu Clesiu and Eduard Bóka

“It was our dream to come and win, and to do so within a team formed on-spot. It was a very nice event. We have not worked as a team before. I came here, and the team was built around the idea “- said one of the members of the winning team immediately after he was told he won the grand prize.

The first place in the FinTech track was won by Easy Loyalty Cards, an app which allows you to give up all credit and loyalty cards.

Education track prize was awarded to Virtual Book, an e-learning platform.

Smart Helm was chosen as the best application of the IoT track.

Robots track was won by the team that created SmartLoad, an application that helps logistics companies. It scans packages using a camera in order to determine their volume and distribute them in an optimal way in containers.

EpileTrack is the application that won first place in eHealth category. It is an application that helps users affected by epileptic affections, their relatives or doctors track relevant data about their health.

Special prizes were awarded to Ehealth Questions (the project with the best business potential ) and to Antimatter (the best design project).

It is worth saluting the good evolution, rewarded with runner-up awards and prizes,  of the teenage participants, most of them ninjas from various CoderDojos in Timisoara Metropolitan Area and the fact that female programmers also performed spectacularly, with a women only team winning a category, respectively women participating in several other winning teams.

Overall, HackTM is a proof of the excellent community cohesiveness of the wider Timisoara ecosystem, with various companies, small and very big, from both automotive and IT&C industries playing active roles, adding to Banat IT volunteers their employees as co-organizers, mentors, offering sponsorships and prizes to an event also supported by local universities and public authorities.

Our Timisoara hackathon increases in size, maintaining its leading position as the biggest hackathon in South-Eastern Europe!

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