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Startcelerate Connect Timișoara: Business Solutions for Local IT Ecosystems

Startcelerate Connect is a series of events designed to raise awareness on innovation, investment and development opportunities for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. At the 3rd edition in Romania, Startcelerate Connect has arrived in Timișoara. The event has been co-organized by Banat IT and Startcelerate, with the support of Banca Transilvania.

Radu Ticiu, the host of the event, has shared a few insights into the local entrepreneurial community, welcoming the other three speakers.

The first to share impressions upon the subject was Gabriel Dombri, the co-founder of Startcelerate.  After introducing the Startcelerate program and the alternatives for an IT company to become a corporate angel investor, he has succeeded in determining the audience to reply.

‘The public had a healthy curiosity and and a great deal of active openness to international innovation opportunities – elements so important in creating a strong tomorrow. It’s one very strong thing that set Timisoara apart as a tech & entrepreneurial ecosystem: it’s tightly integrated communities, all coming from or going through the infrastructure created around Banat IT & Startup Hub Timisoara.’


Timișoara was on the list of the entrepreneurial ecosystems that Startcelerate wanted to get in touch with, among Cluj and Bucharest.

We knew very little about Timisoara before actually organising Startcelerate Connect Timisoara there.

You can only know an entrepreneurial place after you got face to face with the people there and started a conversation.

We are sure that Connect Timisoara was just a beginning: we’ll be coming back to do more in your community. Many thanks again for a great experience in Timisoara’, said Gabriel.

Lucian Marius Cocan has shared his startup-lifestyle experience with Tapptitude, enlisting his earned pieces of advice since starting his entrepreneurial journey, ending his speech in an encouraging note:

‘You are also going to fail, so you might want to do it fast.’

Last but not least, Adrian Pica has brought forward his observations regarding the European startup ecosystem and opportunities in the context. His experience as a global Startup Weekend facilitator and a startup co-founder himself entitled him to talk briefly about the issue:

‘The Startcelerate Connect event in Timisoara was a great chance to present to the local tech community the opportunities that Romanian companies have right now on the European Startup marketplace.

The concept of “services for equity” that was presented by the Startcelerate team is an important chance for local software developers to access the huge Western Europe market.

The challenge ahead for them is to provide all the legal support and to match the right startups to the right software development companies.’

More than 50 participants have attended Startcelerate Connect Timișoara; after the discussion pannel, fresh bottles of wine and cookies have been served, feeding the proper mood for networking.

Curious to find out more? Check the photo album of the event on our Facebook page.


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