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New Presence in Local Tech Scene: Automotive Technologies Meetup #1

It is well-known that Timisoara Startup Hub is the meeting place for almost every tech meetup in the city. The evening of April 9th has been dedicated to hosting automotive technologies passionates in the context of inauguration of their, hopefully, new favorite professional gathering.

603806_1033637346663766_2307832476062091545_nIt is common thing for tech people to enjoy studying, playing with or even creating hardware. Calin Brandabur is one of those who make the most of it. Thus, he has opened the event presenting his promising project, Symme 3D, a high-performance delta 3D printer/laser/router processing machine that, in our opinion, may influence new approaches in the local prototyping/ automotive/ manufacturing industry.

He has also fed the curiosity in the room by exhibiting the printer and sharing models in the audience. Showcasing components 3D printed for a real, powerful motorcycle that was actually brought in the room has been, without discussion, an interesting moment.


The second part of the event has introduced via a surprisingly high quality Skype connection the strong presence of Jim Kor, an automotive industry visionary, the mechanical engineer and concept car designer from Canada.

The positive and brilliant tech savvy behind the Urbee car built almost entirely out of 3D printed materials, has shared with us the story of his successful project, offering insights about the processes transforming concepts into actual products, the balance between technology and business and other tech wonders.

However, this has only been an introductory Jim’s connection with the local tech community, as he will be the key speaker at Hella Driving Innovation Day, on April 25th. This event will definitely be an exquisite opportunity for professionals from IT, Engineering, Research & Development to meet and listen to Jim Kor in person, here in Timisoara, find the latest news about Hella Romania’s R & D programs and, if lucky enough, get the chance to test-drive the cutting edge BMW cars from the Banat Car fleet.

We hope to observe a healthy growth of the automotive technologies professionals in Timisoara as a future tech community.

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