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Hackathons And Startup Weekends Make Fruits

Sometimes, 2 or 10 months after a nice tech & entreprenurship event, good reasons to remember them are appearing.

One of the most significant part of each tech entrepreneurship ecosystem’s life are the major hands-on events from the Startup Weekends or hackathons categories. At individual’s scale they are excellent opportunities to meet and greet fellow entrepreneurs and technology persons, to learn and practice both technology and business related new things. At community’s scale they are good opportunities to welcome newcomers and visitors from outside the ecosystem, being them participants, mentors, journalists, sponsors, to foster and to establish new connections, to celebrate and to extend reach.

These special, typically weekend events are highly important as participants are generating great or just regular project ideas, that are fast driven through a mind-blowing roller-coaster track: they are pitched, rejected or selected, they are conveying teams of interested people. They are transformed in concepts, apps specifications, validated and extended over business model canvases. Over the typical 54 hours duration they are not always linearly growing. They are quite often twisted and skewed, turned around, pivoted and sometimes even aborted. But most often they are getting in the end of the event to an acceptable level of completeness and credibility. They are presented and judged by competent experts. Most of them are getting in the participating teams members’ portfolios, but some of them are emerging as event winners.

However, despite organizers’ intentions, the final outcomes of most of the hackathons and startup weekends are just new tech friendships, shared knowledge and sometimes plans to follow up. When the pure coincidence brings us in the same day excellent news from two of the rare examples of winning apps that were took along by their developers there is a clear obligation to publicly salute them.

Chronologically, the first story refers to Cassian Lupone of the participants to the second edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara, organized this April by Timisoara Startup Hub. Cassian led a team that explored his idea of building up an app that will “listen” to musical instrument players and evaluate the quality of their interpretation against a library of scores. They’ve been progressing well enough during the weekend to receive the second prize. Following the event, despite being an deeply involved father of a very young child, an organizer of tim.js, one of the most active Timisoara tech communities and passing through a job change, Cassian continued to invest time and energy in this app, finally submitting it in a slightly different concept as ChristmaSing, for review and publication on Apple’s AppStore.


Cassian in the pitching row, Startup Weekend Timisoara #2, April 2014


ChristmaSing iPhone Screenshots from Apple AppStore, December 2014

The second story is the one of Rombots Team, Alin-Adnan Vasile and Valentin “Vali” Iftime. They’ve teamed up several years ago, jointly developing and launching game apps. This October 17-19, they’ve won the Mobile Development track and the overall competition at HackTM, coorganized by a consortium led by Banat IT and Timisoara Startup Hub, the 350+ participants biggest hackathon in South-Eastern Europe. Their winning project was a tablet app permitting parents to create coloring fairy tales for their kids by combining adequate app-recommended imagery to a given text. Despite being both involved in their main professional lives (Alin-Adnan as a freelancer, Vali as a programmer in one of the most dynamic local tech companies) they refined the app, adding really nice features named it Story Doodle and, you’ve guessed, finally submitted it for review and publication on Google Play.


Alin-Adnan and Vali as winners of the HackTM, October 2014


Google Play Screenshot of Story Doodle, December 2014

It may look as and it surely is just a coincidence but both publishing applications were approved in the same day, December 22, just in time for the Christmas holiday. On other hand, this two stories can generate same several conclusions related to participating to any hackathon or startup weekend type of events:

  • its great to participate, have fun and learn a lot participating
  • you should be mindset to compete with and as innovative as possible idea
  • receiving an award for your project is a good prognostic sign. With an additional time, expertise and energy investment it can emerge in an app that can sooner or later reach its market
  • with or without the involvement of other event teammates the idea originator can bring it to that stage that it can be launched on the market in the initial or a different shape

Big congrats to Cassian Lup, Alin-Adnan Vasile and Vali Iftime for pursuing their dreams and many downloads and in-app purchases!

To all the other members of Timisoara tech entrepreneurial ecosystem, have a great 2015, stay actively connected within the community, attend our events and start your own ones, smaller or bigger, tech or business related, build great products and services and make (lots of) money out of them!

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