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Employee vs. Freelancer – in the light of the changes on the job market

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Between 4th – 5th of November, Ctrl-D is hosting the second edition of the event called “Carieră în Ctrl”, at Centrul Regional de Afaceri din Timisoara (CRAFT). The event targets the creative-digital community and embraces the topic of “Employee vs. Freelancer”, by debating the employee status, as well as the freelancer status, in the context of the changes on the job market and in the context of the economic, technologic and cultural changes.

If last year, the conference analyzed the aspects of a career in Romania vs. a career in another country, this year we will debate the day to day challenges of and employee vs. the ones of a freelancer. Personal or professional advantages and disadvantages, legal and financial aspects of being an employee, legal and financial aspects of being a freelancer and future opportunities for both types of career – they will all be part of the schedule of the 2016 Carieră în Ctrl.

Friday, 4th of November, is dedicated to the conference. In this day’s agenda there are the topics:

  • Employee vs. Freelancer – Pros and cons.
  • To whom belongs the future: tendencies and forecasts.
  • What you need to know regarding the legal and financial aspects.
  • What suits you better: freelancer or employee.

Among the the speakers we’ll have Gabi Lungu (Co-founder and Creative Director at Okapi Studio), Andra Ailinicăi (Event Strategist at IBM Global Marketing Center), Sorin Bechira (freelancer, multimedia designer), Romanița Oprea (freelancer, PR consultant and journalist), Andrei Pfeiffer (Code Designer at [e-spres-oh] and tim.js organizer) and Georgiana Gligor (Large-scale Application Architect, CTO and Co-founder of Tekkie Consulting).

The conference will be moderated by TEO, comedian at Nimic Nou / Sector 7 and Între Showuri.

On Saturday, 5th of November, will take place the workshops:

  • What’s your value? Professional reputation and personal branding.
  • Freelancing and its legal aspects.
  • Time management.

For more details about the trainers, the speakers  and the schedule you can check the agenda of the event here:

More than 400 participants from the creative-digital community, practitioners(employees and freelancers), as well as students and graduates who wish to discover which type of career suits them best are expected to attend Carieră în Ctrl: Employee vs. Freelancer.

This evens is a cultural project, financed by the Ministry of Culture, through the ”CultIN” programe. Participation is for free, and you can apply on the website:

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