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Cross-pollination in Timisoara Tech Communities. May 2014

Radu Rosu runs Eloquentix, a globally distributed tech company. It’s headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but also has an office in Timisoara. Eloquentix has recently expanded towards New York and in this context, he declared in an interview referring to his initial US location city “I think it’s an environment which is very specific to the area. … It’s calm. It’s gentlemanly. It’s unaggressive. People really take care of each other, really try to help each other out.”

I am fully confident that if the American reporter would have had asked Radu Rosu about the Timisoara environment, he would have repeated the same description. What’s even more specific here is definitely the fact that the sense of caring and sharing is extending at a supra-personal level, having various tech communities exercising this attitudes.

Taking a short look at this May Timisoara tech entrepreneurial calendar, you will see at least three events that are bringing together people leading or being members of more than one community:

Finding the Right Abstraction Layer for your Tests – an event by Timisoara Agile Software Meetup Group


After meeting and being deeply impressed by Gerard Meszaros this April in Budapest, the Syneto programmers successfully invited the pioneer of automated testing and the writer of the reference book in the domain “xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code” to meet the crowd at Timisoara Agile Software Meetup Group and, of course, the members of other communities, including Tabara de Testare Timisoara and other interested programmers.

In order to facilitate the understanding of the highly specialized topics to be addressed by Gerard, the organizers of the event made sure that an introductory part of the speech will make the less experienced programmers comfortable enough in the field.



The Timisoara Functional Programming Group inaugural meetup

functprog 200x200

On May 13th, we’ll witness the inaugural meetup of The Timisoara Functional Programming Group that will take place in Timisoara Startup Hub. The idea of setting up the meetup firstly appeared couple of months ago from the Eloquentix team which have also suggested a talk focused on Scala, as contribution by Alex Nedelcu, one of the company’s Bucharest-based employees.

Things got momentum when another functional programming specialist, the Cluj-based Ovidiu Deac, committed with the second presentation on F# topics for the inaugural event.

The newly established community and its event rapidly became the object of cross promotion within the existing communities.


Java based cross-platform mobile development framework workshop – an event by TM-JUG

Oracle ADF Mobile _thumb[2]

The May 15th event concept was initially developed by the TM-JUG Timisoara Java User Group community  together with Oracle Romania.

The presentation of the  Java-based cross-platform mobile development framework, that allows creation of Android and iOS apps, using a common code-base will be delivered by Jernej Kaše, an Oracle FMW Specialist based in Slovenia.

Besides describing the mobile framework, architecture Jernej will show some cool demos in a hands-on jam session. TM-JUG was totally opened to extend the event invitation to all interested members of Timisoara Mobile Development Group and other local tech communities.


Besides these 3 specific events, there are several more interesting that events that will take place in May. This sub-set of events are pretty special, exposing the intertwined fabric within Timisoara tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This kind of event generating approaches are possible when local companies are entering the class of Syneto, one of the most community committed tech company in Timisoara. Syneto are the leaders of Timisoara Agile Software Meetup Group and  initiators of PHP Community. They are organizing or sponsoring for several years now the local implementations of Global Day of CodeRetreat (also attracting Serbian and Macedonian programmers to Timisoara), or they are presenters of highly interesting topics relevant to 2-3 different communities, like their hit One Bug Per Month talk.

This kind of attitudes are possible when communities leaders are talking to and supporting each other, encouraging own members to attend joint or other communities’ events.

This kind of establishment of new communities are possible when companies are opened to joint efforts, focused on technology and avoiding the creation of PR- or HR-ocused communities.

No matter if they state, officially or not, their adhesion to the principles of the Agile Manifesto, companies like Syneto, Eloquentix and people like Csaba Patkos, Vadim Comanescu, Bogdan Solga, Ovidiu Deac, Alexandru NedelcuCristi Popovici are cultivating those principles in the benefit of the wider local tech community practising the mantra of “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”

As a final result, we are all thrilled to be part of a Timisoara tech super-community, counting now for 25+ specialized communities with more than a cummulated 2800 members, two of them, mentioned here (the Agile and mobile), having now more than 400 members each. These 25+ communities are leveling upwards the technological knowledge of the Timisoara programmers, generating, indisputable direct and indirect benefits to the local tech companies.

Looking forward to meet you during the May tech events in Timisoara!

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