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Where should you CLONE & DRIVE for tech/biz events this Spring?

tech eventsOur Timisoara communities’ tech and entrepreneurial events calendar looks more and more stuffed from one month to the next one.  It happens a lot here, conceptually developed and implemented by wonderful locals for all other wonderful locals. Timisoara is our beloved city but, difficult or not, we have to admit it is not the top of the world.

As the top of our world we should most probably consider places like San Francisco, London or Berlin where the best tech events are organized.

Low cost or classical airline companies, or made these top of the world location versions somehow easy to reach. However getting there for a top tier conference is still a complicate endeavour in terms of resource consumtion. Both time and money are always not enough for fulfilling all of one’s… event attending dreamsThen what? We are suggesting an approach that will capitalize on Timisoara’s really beneficial positioning. We are greatly located between three major cities that are hosting relatively frequent good quality events. I said at some point in a How To Web blog guest post that Timisoara is dealing well with BBB. Of course, BBB is not a Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s rating but the initials of Bucharest, Belgrade and Budapest. At least the last two in the list are pretty close, a three hour drive should get you there with no speeding tickets. It’s not that easy and pleasant to get by car to Bucharest, but for getting knowledge and meeting great people it’s worth the effort.

So, my advice is to make sure your automobile is in good functional state and drive to

Bucharest, heading for I.T.A.K.E Unconference (May 29-30), in order to listen and talk about coding, testing and architecting with likes of Michael Feathers, Tom Gilb, or our Timisoara guys Flavius Stef and Csaba Patkos

–  Budapest, attending Central Europe Startup Awards (May 30th), in what promises to be one of the most vibrant entrepreneurship celebration in the region, an event where our Timisoara-based 7Out, 123contactform and Florin Cornianu, winners of Romanian preselection are candidating to become regional winners of the inaugural CESA edition

– avoid Belgrade because of the floods and because they just hosted (May 15th-19th)  StartIT Fest, a complex set of events dedicated to startups and tech entrepreneurship

If you are sick of metropolitan-size capital cities, you may aim to cities similar in size with our Timisoara, still close enough, hosting interesting events:

Cluj-Napoca, launching (May 31st-June 2nd) a hackathon-conference tandem under the inspired Techsylvania brand

Novi-Sad, hosting (May 29th-30th) a new edition of DanubeIT, an international conference with a match-making component, attended in 2013 by 7-8 Timisoara participants, and that will be focused this year on topics connected to the Internet of Things.

Of course all these events are really appealing, in our reach, and a car can drive you there. The only issue is that you cannot activate a cloning function for you and your car in order to get to more than one or maximum two of them…

In the end here is my selection for this spring: Novi-Sad +Budapest. The reason is simple enough: Timisoara Startup Hub and/or Banat IT are proud partnering in organizing or promoting both of them!

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