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Find what, when and where happens! If you live in Timisoara or visit the city, you'll have frequent opportunities to get in contact with its vibrant IT&C community life by attending one or other of the events scheduled around.

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Banat IT Map

Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Get A Life! :)

Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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On Stage: B2B Software Products by Banat IT Startups

We all know that here, in Banat, the golden age of building and advancing a software company by staying 100% focused on providing outsourcing services to foreign clients have faded away. Most of the Timisoara software companies are now struggling in order to evolve from this old paradigm, towards a new one having as main goal conceiving, developing and selling innovative products and services in whatever B2X setting.

A good news is that this happens already at the startups level. There is a pack of 10-15 local companies that have already launched various types of own products or services with promising results. These stories should be told and heard. And, of course learned and replicated.

In this context, Timisoara Startup Hub initiates a series of periodical events that will showcase B2B apps developed by startups from Timisoara. 


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