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Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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Keeping up with the fast pacing business environment

The 6th edition of Business Days Timisoara – 6-7th of April 2016

It’s that time of the year again when managers and entrepreneurs meet at the biggest business event in the region.

Important issues with regard to the global challenges that technology brings and how it will change us, the enterprises, the industries and the society will be discussed.  Such important issues will be put into discussion by experienced professionals well known for their visions and performances.

In preparation of the event, Business Days has conducted a research within a pool of 250 entrepreneurs, top managers, managers and professionals (experts) selected in three well developed counties from a economic standpoint, in the Western part of Romania ( Timiș, Arad and Bihor) which indicated that the top 3 industries where the region can perform are agriculture, software development and IT&C. Also, the researchers questioned participants about the main success business factors in the Western region of Romania. In descending order of the recorded votes, the factors that determine success in business have been: the team, innovation, the business plan, the business idea, networking, technology comprehension and use, the taxation system and taxation, access to easy financing, the starting capital, the intensity of the competition within the market, authorities’ support and “the old, good luck”. One may argue that technology comprehension and use deserves more credit because of the innovation drive it brings. Furthermore, whatever the industry a firm competes in, the technology comprehension and use is not only a competitive necessity but it might even be a source of competitive advantage.

The program of the event is built around this idea, part of the plenary sessions, workshops and debates focusing about digital transformation of the industries, the online business environments, online marketing, besides more general business topics. Banat IT is actively involving in the promotion of the event and in shaping its content, by encouraging IT companies in the region to be present, to engage with the participating officials and representatives of local and visiting companies, to expose the issues they are perceiving in the regional economy and the solutions they imagine, to network and to start/continue building partnerships.

Further details regarding the event program can be found here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet interesting people and to learn how to keep up with the fast pacing environment.

Regional innovation fair 2015 (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015)

banner_targ-inovareThis years annual  Regional Innovation Fair (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015) will expand it’s horizons once more by introducing an international brokerage session  in which regional companies, from the West area of Romania, will be able to interact with foreign companies mobilized by partners of the Enterprise Europe Network, in Europe and other continents in order to establish transnational business partnerships.

The event represents a unique platform for innovators and entrepreneurs that will attend the meeting in Timisoara, taking benefit of national and international presence. In addition, awards under the Regional Innovation Competition is one of the highlights of the event. Read more

Free Web Hosting for Young Timisoara Startups



free web hostingLiveHosting, one of the best Timisoara’s internet infrastructure providers developed a support program dedicated to local startups.

This special offer includes free web hosting for a 3 years period to web hosting and associated services, plus the always needed technical assistance. The program is dedicated to private new IT companies  in their first year since registration and that have an annual turnover of less than 500.000 Euro. More details on the Basic Web Hosting subscription package  can be found on LiveHosting site.

To start the application processyou just need to sign up on the website and send an email ( containing a short presentation of your startup.

LiveHosting is the main Romanian web hosting provider for applications and websites developed with ASP.NET, MVC, PHP, Visual Studio, WebMatrix, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MySQL and others. 

Banat IT parteners with Live Hosting, proudly promoting this awesome opportunity for local startups!

Building Bridges to German Market

Is it possible to provide outsourcing services, to sell products or services on foreign markets in a much smarter way? Find out live in Timisoara, Tuesday, September 22nd, 15.30, from a reputed German experts’ opinions on how your company can start building bridges to German IT market!

Not only in Timișoara, but all over Romania, most tech companies are considering that developing their own products and services is the direction to follow in order to increase their chances of success in the global competition. Most of the local entrepreneurs will tell you that these are clear signs that Romania isn’t anymore that attractive as an outsourcing destination, because of the steep increase of the salary costs. Strangely enough, this comes simultaneously with the increase of the demand on the traditional Western markets. Read more

State of the Art Technology Developed in Timisoara for Big Names

—-Sponsored bylogo_movidius_high_res

Timisoara is developing at a fast pace when it comes to its IT industry. As expected, there are names in the local community that have bigger echo than others. Movidius was not known by the local community apart from a small group of geeks interested in mobile multimedia. Maybe you haven’t heard of Movidius too much until recently. The reason? They are doers. And that takes focus and energy.

Latest achievements

myriad_2_scale_mmsNonetheless, what they do speaks for themselves. Their company has been selected by Google to work on the vision processor for their latest experimental smartphone platform, Google Tango Project. Heralding the Myriad 1 processor at the beginning of 2014, they have continuously improved the technology. Thus, in July Movidius released the Myriad 2 processor, which can boast with 20 times more processing efficiency. And they keep on improving. Read more

China îşi pierde strălucirea pentru companii ca IBM şi Nike din cauza condiţiilor economice dificile


Companii precum IBM, Nike sau Starbucks se confruntă cu noi obstacole în China, în condiţiile în care oficialii Partidului Comunist se contrazic în privinţa direcţiei şi profunzimii reformelor economice.

“Mediul operaţional s-a înrăutăţit semnificativ în ultimul an, pentru companiile străine. În cei 16 ani de activitate în China, încrederea în rândul directorilor străini este printre cele mai scăzute”, a declarat Shaun Rein, director general al China Market Research Group în Shanghai.

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Trei sute de euro pe lună, salariul pe care îl oferă companiile tinerilor aflaţi la primul job


Salariile oferite de companii pentru poziţiile din cadrul programelor de internship sau cele de tip entry-level pornesc, în medie, de la 300 de euro net pe lună. În acelaşi timp, aşteptările salariale ale celor care se potrivesc acestui profil pornesc de la 1.000 de lei (peste 200 de euro) pentru provincie şi 1.500 de lei (circa 350 de euro) în cazul tinerilor care vor să îşi găsească un loc de muncă în Capitală, potrivit firmei cu activităţi în domeniul re­surselor umane Catalyst Consulting, pe baza studiului „Cei mai doriţi angajatori 2013“ şi a ofertelor celor 90 de companii participante la târgul de cariere „Angajatori de Top“ din această toamnă.