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Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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HackTM 2015 – Let’s Code and Make Together

Programmers are a different breed of professionals. I am stating this after spending thousands of hours with them (as a non-programmer and attentive observer). Future or current, junior or senior, freelance or employee, entrepreneur or consultant programmers, they all have a special set of personality traits significantly differentiating them from other guilds: they strive to create, they want to share, they dear to compete, they show the mastery of their art, they chase the challenges much more than others.

I do not know another professional group members so regularly committing time after long office hours presenting and debating new technologies, showcasing core-business or collateral, pet-projects, asking for and/or offering feedback, late in the week’s working days meetup events. They are mentoring in the 7 CoderDojos in the Timisoara Metropolitan Area for almost 52 Saturdays a year, bringing knowledge, friendship, self-confidence, empowerment and joy to large groups of 7-17 years old coding ninjas, they future co-workers, employees or, why not employers… 🙂

Their passion drives their interest and activities in so many different directions, best demonstrated by the diversity of Timișoara constellation of specialized tech communities illustrated in the city’s record.

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Regional innovation fair 2015 (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015)

banner_targ-inovareThis years annual  Regional Innovation Fair (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015) will expand it’s horizons once more by introducing an international brokerage session  in which regional companies, from the West area of Romania, will be able to interact with foreign companies mobilized by partners of the Enterprise Europe Network, in Europe and other continents in order to establish transnational business partnerships.

The event represents a unique platform for innovators and entrepreneurs that will attend the meeting in Timisoara, taking benefit of national and international presence. In addition, awards under the Regional Innovation Competition is one of the highlights of the event. Read more

Computer Science Conference in Timisoara

One of the largest computer science conferences in Romania, the European Conference on Computer Science & Applications, is holding it’s 5th edition at the Tibiscus University in Timisoara. This conferece aims  to stimulate the research activity and to establish interactions between Romanian and foreign researchers. Another objective of this tech conference is to promote interdisciplinary applications of computer science in the fields of Mathematics, Economics, Technical Sciences or Medicine, tackling the latest conundrums science is facing today, with the aid of computing power and coffee. There will also be workshops in which students regarding if they are B.Sc M.Sc or PhD can participate and learn from each other by working together. The workshops will mainly be focused on GeoGebra  an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, intended for learning and teaching mathematics and science from primary school to university level. And a multimedia workshop that will be centered around web design, databases teaching methods and applications. Read more

Banat IT Early Autumn BBQ : Networking , Gulas, and Fun

Banat IT Early autumn BBQThe Banat IT Early Autumn BBQ, was the second edition of our networking event that brings together members from all tech and IT sectors in Timisoara, for an evening of fun, gulas,burgers, drinks and  live music.


AND_2850Banat IT Early Autumn Barbeque was a successful event, with more than 320 participants, who filled  the venue, La Capite. Monetary speaking, our community drank the fourth times the value of their food. And there was a lot of food! In less than a hour the BIT Gulyas Cauldron was empty and the chef was continuously busy grilling the BIT Burgers and many more delicious grills. Read more

Reaching Out To Millennial Programmers

How well do you know your employees groups? AIMS helps you improve here, at least when it comes to your own Millennials!

Also called generation Y, Millennials are the demographic cohort with birth years ranging from 1980 to 2000. As of this year, 2015, statistics show that Millennials surpass Generation Xers as the largest generation in the workforce, especially in the IT and tech sector, where almost all employees are below 40 years of age.

What sets Gen Yers apart from their predecessors is their ability to see the grand scheme of things and to be able to change their environment for the better. They are also more detached from politics and have a tendency to not respect authority.

millenialsEven if the Millennial Generation is compared to Gen X a lot more connected and collaborative, they are also more competitive, both in sports and in the work environment. These kind of seeming paradoxes make teams constituting of Millennials or where Millennials are predominant to be quite difficult to handle, from a managerial stand point. That is why a deeper understanding of how Millennials think and of what they desire, both from themselves and from others, is crucial in running a successful business in today’s tech ecosystem.

AIMS, the innovative, well renown Timisoara based HR research company, launches an assessment on the traits of Millennial employees in Romania trying to gauge the way they want their needs and aspirations to be suited by the professional sphere.

Banat IT is partnering with AIMS encouraging Timisoara tech companies to enroll in the study, get insights on their own and the general Romanian Millennial population. If you are a company or a startup wishing to better understand the important factor for business success that is the working force, contributing to the AIMS research is a must.

In order to receive the link to the questionnaire to be distributed to your employee and later get the results FREE OF CHARGE, you should write an email to Anca Uzun, consultant at AIMS.

Let’s jointly better understand our Millennials!

New Presence in Local Tech Scene: Automotive Technologies Meetup #1

It is well-known that Timisoara Startup Hub is the meeting place for almost every tech meetup in the city. The evening of April 9th has been dedicated to hosting automotive technologies passionates in the context of inauguration of their, hopefully, new favorite professional gathering.

603806_1033637346663766_2307832476062091545_nIt is common thing for tech people to enjoy studying, playing with or even creating hardware. Calin Brandabur is one of those who make the most of it. Thus, he has opened the event presenting his promising project, Symme 3D, a high-performance delta 3D printer/laser/router processing machine that, in our opinion, may influence new approaches in the local prototyping/ automotive/ manufacturing industry.

He has also fed the curiosity in the room by exhibiting the printer and sharing models in the audience. Showcasing components 3D printed for a real, powerful motorcycle that was actually brought in the room has been, without discussion, an interesting moment. Read more

Spring Speeds Up Creation of New Timisoara Tech Meetups

Whether we evoke spring enthusiasm or simply community’s natural development, there is certainly something in common related to the launch of two new tech meetups in Timisoara.

First one to take the initiative was the much requested Timisoara Automotive Technologies Meetup. meetup-logoIts
inaugural meetup will take place on the 9th of April, starting  6:30 PM, at Timisoara Startup Hub, welcoming all professionals with interest in Automotive & manufacturing, whether having an IT, mechanics, design or product management background or not.

The first attraction of the event will be the Skype discussion with Jim Kor, high tech savvy and founder of the Korecologic, the design studio developing URBEE, a low fuel consumption, 3D printed car. Read more

The Story of Timisoara Tech Startups Featured in A-list Media

It’s no surprise that Timisoara born & raised startups are catching foreigners’ eyes. Press, investment, tech related ranking-there has been a name from Timisoara there more than once.Press-Release1 Getting featured in publications such as Forbes or The Next Web is no little thing. And it surely takes more than just a good pitch to get there.

Before immersing into case studies, a startup that yearns for relevant international media coverage has primarily assess the motivation behind the act. What is actually to be gained from such a PR effort? Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of HubSpot has an answer:

‘I believe, getting your startup covered, is one of the most important things you can do to get your product out there. It can help with and did so for us with a lot of things, such as new signups, getting investment, partnerships and biz dev deals.’

Apparently, all the things you need to nurture your startup at least till it blossoms. His complete guide has generated appreciation and even more questions among startup founders eager to find the success recipe. Read more

Automotive Progress Celebration to Gather Timisoara Technology Professionals


The Timisoara inhabitants will benefit from a premiere event in their city. The HELLA Driving Innovation Day reunites specialists from the local, national and international automotive industry, in one day dedicated to technology and innovation.

HELLA Romania, a subsidiary of the German group HELLA, well known internationally as a supplier to the global automotive industry, is hosting on April 25th, 2015, at the hotel Boavista, starting with 9 AM, the “HELLA Driving Innovation Day”.

This event is dedicated to all the professionals from the fields of IT, Engineering, Research & Development, and it is the first initiative from a series of events that HELLA Romania will host in Timisoara, as a sign of gratitude towards the community where it activates. Read more