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Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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Reaching Out To Millennial Programmers

How well do you know your employees groups? AIMS helps you improve here, at least when it comes to your own Millennials!

Also called generation Y, Millennials are the demographic cohort with birth years ranging from 1980 to 2000. As of this year, 2015, statistics show that Millennials surpass Generation Xers as the largest generation in the workforce, especially in the IT and tech sector, where almost all employees are below 40 years of age.

What sets Gen Yers apart from their predecessors is their ability to see the grand scheme of things and to be able to change their environment for the better. They are also more detached from politics and have a tendency to not respect authority.

millenialsEven if the Millennial Generation is compared to Gen X a lot more connected and collaborative, they are also more competitive, both in sports and in the work environment. These kind of seeming paradoxes make teams constituting of Millennials or where Millennials are predominant to be quite difficult to handle, from a managerial stand point. That is why a deeper understanding of how Millennials think and of what they desire, both from themselves and from others, is crucial in running a successful business in today’s tech ecosystem.

AIMS, the innovative, well renown Timisoara based HR research company, launches an assessment on the traits of Millennial employees in Romania trying to gauge the way they want their needs and aspirations to be suited by the professional sphere.

Banat IT is partnering with AIMS encouraging Timisoara tech companies to enroll in the study, get insights on their own and the general Romanian Millennial population. If you are a company or a startup wishing to better understand the important factor for business success that is the working force, contributing to the AIMS research is a must.

In order to receive the link to the questionnaire to be distributed to your employee and later get the results FREE OF CHARGE, you should write an email to Anca Uzun, consultant at AIMS.

Let’s jointly better understand our Millennials!

The Story of Timisoara Tech Startups Featured in A-list Media

It’s no surprise that Timisoara born & raised startups are catching foreigners’ eyes. Press, investment, tech related ranking-there has been a name from Timisoara there more than once.Press-Release1 Getting featured in publications such as Forbes or The Next Web is no little thing. And it surely takes more than just a good pitch to get there.

Before immersing into case studies, a startup that yearns for relevant international media coverage has primarily assess the motivation behind the act. What is actually to be gained from such a PR effort? Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of HubSpot has an answer:

‘I believe, getting your startup covered, is one of the most important things you can do to get your product out there. It can help with and did so for us with a lot of things, such as new signups, getting investment, partnerships and biz dev deals.’

Apparently, all the things you need to nurture your startup at least till it blossoms. His complete guide has generated appreciation and even more questions among startup founders eager to find the success recipe. Read more

The Quest for Mentors Continues: CoderDojo is Expanding in Timisoara


It has been more than two years since CoderDojo has enlisted CoderDojo Timișoara as one of the 500+ verified locations in their global network. Back then, a group of four committed people decided to run a CoderDojo club in our city, starting with an inaugural edition with about 30 children interested in learning programming “a la CoderDojo”. Read more

Banat IT Milestones of 2014

The First Event

Banat IT Summer Barbeque has succeeded in bringing together IT passionates and professionals with a proper mood for networking, socializing and entertainment. It was also an occasion to launch the Banat IT platform. The food, drinks and live music has supplemented our appetites in a country-looking setting, at La Capite. There were contests and raffles with prizes consistent in tech and culture. We had challenges, we had supporters, we got connected.

Warming Up

We have continuously made efforts towards bringing the talented people together. Therefore, we have tried to deliver them reasons to be engaged, to show an interest in being a part of the community. The 2nd and 3rd edition of Timisoara Startup Weekend, the Summer Hackathon, the Google Tango Project hackathon have been occasions where the tech passionates ones had their spots in the first row. Read more

Central European Startup Awards Romania: Timisoara has Nominations and Hosts Winner Announcement

 Central European Startup Awards is an initiative launched early this year by an international group of reputed startup expert organizations led by the Budapest-based IseeQ, aiming to bring in the spotlight and to raise the visibility of the best startups from the ecosystems in a region including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. Read more