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Find what, when and where happens! If you live in Timisoara or visit the city, you'll have frequent opportunities to get in contact with its vibrant IT&C community life by attending one or other of the events scheduled around.

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Banat IT Map

Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Tech Communities

Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Get A Life! :)

Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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Timisoara – a difussion point in the EU Code Week

2014 code_weekCode Week is an EU initiative started to support coding awareness among citizens of any age. It’s a week dedicated to organizing events that showcase and promote coding as a worth learning activity and a good personal knowledge asset for both present and the future.

At its second edition, this year’s Code Week happens between 11 and 17 October, all over Europe. It’s an initiative started at top European level, but designed by practitioners in the Youth Advisers group conveyed by Neelie Kroes, vice-president of European Commission and benefiting of the involvement of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, an initiative including major technology companies interesting in facing the close to 1 million IT jobs vacancies to affect European economies by 2020.

Within the Code Week, thousands of events will take place aiming to help spread the word about coding, to make as many people, young and mature, women and men aware and interested in coding. Read more

Where should you CLONE & DRIVE for tech/biz events this Spring?

tech eventsOur Timisoara communities’ tech and entrepreneurial events calendar looks more and more stuffed from one month to the next one.  It happens a lot here, conceptually developed and implemented by wonderful locals for all other wonderful locals. Timisoara is our beloved city but, difficult or not, we have to admit it is not the top of the world. Read more

Central European Startup Awards Romania: Timisoara has Nominations and Hosts Winner Announcement

 Central European Startup Awards is an initiative launched early this year by an international group of reputed startup expert organizations led by the Budapest-based IseeQ, aiming to bring in the spotlight and to raise the visibility of the best startups from the ecosystems in a region including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. Read more

Cross-pollination in Timisoara Tech Communities. May 2014

Radu Rosu runs Eloquentix, a globally distributed tech company. It’s headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but also has an office in Timisoara. Eloquentix has recently expanded towards New York and in this context, he declared in an interview referring to his initial US location city “I think it’s an environment which is very specific to the area. … It’s calm. It’s gentlemanly. It’s unaggressive. People really take care of each other, really try to help each other out.” Read more

Timisoara Business Days 2014, with a focus for IT&C

This April 2nd-3rd will see a new Timisoara edition of the Business Days Conferences. A complex program including plenary sessions, workshops, round-tables, formal and informal match-making sessions, networking moments and dedicated gatherings of the ITC industry and HR specialty will approach general business topics, will permit participants to learn about and contribute to the overall development strategy of the Timisoara metropolitan area, to exchange ideas and lessons learned running businesses in this bumpy period, to meet new potential partners and, finally, to celebrate their day by day entrepreneurial endeavours.

A line-up of renowned Romanian and foreign speakers, facilitators, consultants and experts, including Radu Georgescu (GECAD Group), Eberhard Jung (Persolog North America Corp.), Giorgio Fabbri (Leadership Conductor & Trainer), Mru Patel (Shakti Holistic International), Florentin Banu (BanuInvest), Felix Pătrășcanu (FAN Courier), Dragoș Anastasiu (Eurolines Romania) or Marius Ghenea (Fit Distribution) will guide the audience through a wide range of economics, management and general business related topics.


The IT&C sector representatives will have a specially dedicated session Read more

A Silent Fluid Labirint? – Tech Communities in Timisoara

Yes, we are living in a pacific plain, here in the green Banat. Things look and they really are pretty stable, there are not major storms threatening us, the balance of inputs and outputs in the nature is predictable and slow-paced. The plants, from the most humble blade of grass to the imposing oak tree know when is the right inception moment and which is the right rhythm for growth. There is a secret fluid that connects all these vegetal creatures. We are not Venetto or Amsterdam, but beyond the natural water-flows you may see this fluid in hundreds of years old, man-built canals connecting Bega to Timis, Danube to Tisa, Mures to Tisa.

You may start asking what’s with this text (geography, hydrography or poor literature, no matter what it looks like) onTech Comm RT-1 a website that focuses on the IT scenery? My answer is that we are living within a similar reality in the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in this region.

Probably it’s gonna be a surprise for most of the readers to learn that Timisoara counts for about two dozens of tech communities, open and informal organization, all of them voluntary-run, aiming to serve as platforms for meetings, tech novelties sharing, success-story presentation, joint learning and communication between people interested in specific tech subjects. Read more

Timisoara Mobile Development Group Intense Activity in February, 2014

Timisoara Mobile Development Group is THE community focused on mobile technologies in West Romania activating since December 2010. Counting almost 400 members and having organised more than 50 events, TiMo has moved its activity to the next level  in February 2014 when running its first open training events, complemented with a hackathon and the regular monthly group’s meetup.

The common element of the 4 events was the presence of the London-based iOS developer and trainer Paul Ardeleanu.

With the support of Multimedia Center or Politehnica University in Timisoara, TiMo has organized two iOS training events, dedicated to newbies to Apple-backed technologies and to advanced developers, both delivered by Paul. 17 young Timisoara based developers, students, freelancers, employees and even faculty members added to their professional skillsets relevant iOS development knowledge.

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Povestea primului an de Coder Dojo Timișoara

Startup Hub Timișoara găzduia, în urmă cu un an, prima întâlnire Coder Dojo în Timișoara. 30 de copii dornici să învețe să-și creeze propriile jocuri, alături de 7 mentori înarmați cu răbdare și pricepere, negreșit susținuți de părinți încrezători erau martorii începutului unei experiențe care avea să ajungă tradiție.


Pe parcursul acestui an, numărul copiilor înscriși în program a crescut semnificativ cu fiecare ediție, marcând finalul anului cu numărul de 37 de întâlniri productive. Organic a crescut și nivelul de complexitate a cunoștințelor, al energiei și nu în ultimul rând, al apropierii dintre toți cei care au pus umărul la construirea unei comunități performante Coder Dojo.

Între timp, activitatea Coder Dojo s-a extins și în alte orașe-suport, cu deschidere pentru educația non-formală. Tot acolo s-au găsit atât copii perseverenți, cu apetit pentru programare, cât și mentori care să-i călăuzească. Organizatorii au fost cei care au pus țara la cale pentru a facilita întâlnirile semnate #CoderDojo. Primul pe listă a fost orașul Szeged, Ungaria; cu curaj și inițiativă, au urmat orașele Arad și Oradea. Și lucrurile nu s-au oprit aici. Read more