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Find what, when and where happens! If you live in Timisoara or visit the city, you'll have frequent opportunities to get in contact with its vibrant IT&C community life by attending one or other of the events scheduled around.

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Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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Employee vs. Freelancer – in the light of the changes on the job market

concept of the coworking center, business meeting

Between 4th – 5th of November, Ctrl-D is hosting the second edition of the event called “Carieră în Ctrl”, at Centrul Regional de Afaceri din Timisoara (CRAFT). The event targets the creative-digital community and embraces the topic of “Employee vs. Freelancer”, by debating the employee status, as well as the freelancer status, in the context of the changes on the job market and in the context of the economic, technologic and cultural changes.

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Online Marketing Workshop – how to identify the right context of a business


Entrepreneurs, managers and online specialists from Timisoara have the opportunity to attend the first Online Marketing Workshop delivered by Ciprian Susanu, Managing Partner at Dare Digital. The workshop will take place on the 25th of October, at Hotel Timisoara. During the 4 hours of intensive training, the participants will get the useful insights, applied to the field they represent, in order for them to start their first online marketing campaign.

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HackTM 2015 – Let’s Code and Make Together

Programmers are a different breed of professionals. I am stating this after spending thousands of hours with them (as a non-programmer and attentive observer). Future or current, junior or senior, freelance or employee, entrepreneur or consultant programmers, they all have a special set of personality traits significantly differentiating them from other guilds: they strive to create, they want to share, they dear to compete, they show the mastery of their art, they chase the challenges much more than others.

I do not know another professional group members so regularly committing time after long office hours presenting and debating new technologies, showcasing core-business or collateral, pet-projects, asking for and/or offering feedback, late in the week’s working days meetup events. They are mentoring in the 7 CoderDojos in the Timisoara Metropolitan Area for almost 52 Saturdays a year, bringing knowledge, friendship, self-confidence, empowerment and joy to large groups of 7-17 years old coding ninjas, they future co-workers, employees or, why not employers… 🙂

Their passion drives their interest and activities in so many different directions, best demonstrated by the diversity of Timișoara constellation of specialized tech communities illustrated in the city’s record.

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Regional innovation fair 2015 (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015)

banner_targ-inovareThis years annual  Regional Innovation Fair (Targul Regional de Inovare 2015) will expand it’s horizons once more by introducing an international brokerage session  in which regional companies, from the West area of Romania, will be able to interact with foreign companies mobilized by partners of the Enterprise Europe Network, in Europe and other continents in order to establish transnational business partnerships.

The event represents a unique platform for innovators and entrepreneurs that will attend the meeting in Timisoara, taking benefit of national and international presence. In addition, awards under the Regional Innovation Competition is one of the highlights of the event. Read more

New Presence in Local Tech Scene: Automotive Technologies Meetup #1

It is well-known that Timisoara Startup Hub is the meeting place for almost every tech meetup in the city. The evening of April 9th has been dedicated to hosting automotive technologies passionates in the context of inauguration of their, hopefully, new favorite professional gathering.

603806_1033637346663766_2307832476062091545_nIt is common thing for tech people to enjoy studying, playing with or even creating hardware. Calin Brandabur is one of those who make the most of it. Thus, he has opened the event presenting his promising project, Symme 3D, a high-performance delta 3D printer/laser/router processing machine that, in our opinion, may influence new approaches in the local prototyping/ automotive/ manufacturing industry.

He has also fed the curiosity in the room by exhibiting the printer and sharing models in the audience. Showcasing components 3D printed for a real, powerful motorcycle that was actually brought in the room has been, without discussion, an interesting moment. Read more

Spring Speeds Up Creation of New Timisoara Tech Meetups

Whether we evoke spring enthusiasm or simply community’s natural development, there is certainly something in common related to the launch of two new tech meetups in Timisoara.

First one to take the initiative was the much requested Timisoara Automotive Technologies Meetup. meetup-logoIts
inaugural meetup will take place on the 9th of April, starting  6:30 PM, at Timisoara Startup Hub, welcoming all professionals with interest in Automotive & manufacturing, whether having an IT, mechanics, design or product management background or not.

The first attraction of the event will be the Skype discussion with Jim Kor, high tech savvy and founder of the Korecologic, the design studio developing URBEE, a low fuel consumption, 3D printed car. Read more

The Quest for Mentors Continues: CoderDojo is Expanding in Timisoara


It has been more than two years since CoderDojo has enlisted CoderDojo Timișoara as one of the 500+ verified locations in their global network. Back then, a group of four committed people decided to run a CoderDojo club in our city, starting with an inaugural edition with about 30 children interested in learning programming “a la CoderDojo”. Read more

Startcelerate Connect Timișoara: Business Solutions for Local IT Ecosystems

Startcelerate Connect is a series of events designed to raise awareness on innovation, investment and development opportunities for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. At the 3rd edition in Romania, Startcelerate Connect has arrived in Timișoara. The event has been co-organized by Banat IT and Startcelerate, with the support of Banca Transilvania.

Radu Ticiu, the host of the event, has shared a few insights into the local entrepreneurial community, welcoming the other three speakers.

The first to share impressions upon the subject was Gabriel Dombri, the co-founder of Startcelerate.  After introducing the Startcelerate program and the alternatives for an IT company to become a corporate angel investor, he has succeeded in determining the audience to reply.

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Hackathons And Startup Weekends Make Fruits

Sometimes, 2 or 10 months after a nice tech & entreprenurship event, good reasons to remember them are appearing.

One of the most significant part of each tech entrepreneurship ecosystem’s life are the major hands-on events from the Startup Weekends or hackathons categories. At individual’s scale they are excellent opportunities to meet and greet fellow entrepreneurs and technology persons, to learn and practice both technology and business related new things. At community’s scale they are good opportunities to welcome newcomers and visitors from outside the ecosystem, being them participants, mentors, journalists, sponsors, to foster and to establish new connections, to celebrate and to extend reach. Read more

Fully Discounted Tickets For Coding Serbia Conference

coding serbiaBanat IT offers in its media partner position with the organizers of Coding Serbia Conference , the best software development conference in DKMT, to the interested West Romania software developers a chance to win one of the two 100% discounted tickets for the event scheduled for October 10th-11th, in Novi-Sad.

The conference, organized by Codecentric, a German company with a strong presence in Novi-Sad, Timisoara’s twin city, has a polyglot type of agenda. It includes interventions of an international line-up of speakers specializing in Java, Big Data, Agile SoftDev, Testing & Performance Measurment Tools, Software Architecture, NoSQL, Script Languages, Cloud Computing, mobile development (both Android and iOS).

Two half-day hands-on sessions (one on AngularJS respectively one on Mastering Continuous Inspection with SonarQube) are scheduled in event’s second day.

Full details on the event are available at

To enter the draw for winning one of the tickets, please send an e-mail with the subject “100% Coding Serbia” to no later than today, Monday Oct 6th, 10 PM.
We’ll announce the winners tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct 7th, 10 AM.

Please consider that you are not one of the two lucky winners, Banat IT can also offer you 15% discounted tickets, upon e-mail request.