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BIT Summer BBQ: The Atmosphere

We are on the eleventh hour with the preparation of the Banat IT Summer Barbeque event! The 9th of July is getting closer, but so is the BIT Summer BBQ closer to happening!

Just picture yourself at the Banat IT Summer Barbeque. If your imagination doesn’t help, then let yourself guided and immerse into the following lines that will perfectly depict the Banat IT Summer BBQ atmosphere.10257985_821549581206314_2029633082633680455_n

As you walk along the entrance path, the first thing you will see is a big welcoming Banat IT banner. This is the first sign that confirms you that you’re in the right place.

Even from that place you can hear the drums rolling. It’s the A.L.L Friends Band. You have to admit it, there’s no better company for a barbeque than some live music. Their performance is one of those that is bound to impress. They are teenagers, but the age does not depict their skillfulness and passion for music.

The smell of freshly baked burgers cannot stand a chance in front of your easily seizable appetite. You can even see the steam rising on the edge of the caldron where the goulash is warming up. The beers sleep tight in the nearest and coldest place in La Capite. Waking them up will surely wake up your mood, too!

But that’s not all. Did you hear about our contests? Well, just wait and see.

Banat ITie  Contest instructions:

  • Step one: find a cloche (in Romanian, the traditional ‘clop’)
  • Step two: proudly wear it at the barbeque.
  • Step three: be among the nicest 10 cloche owners and win an ITie.

We also have a contest for the-most-social-media-connected-ITsts, described in the previous article. The stake is a Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet.

10477917_778396178861608_3129410049871175818_nThere’s no doubt that the competitions (and the beers!) will add some spice to this already amazing mix we’ve prepared: nice& friendly people, tasty food, plenty of drinks and hay stocks to hang on.

But the atmosphere would miss a thing if there wasn’t for our friends from The Case who will perform their besties on stage. We’re talking about the live, energetic performance of one of the most beloved alternative rock bands in Timisoara.

Just to see that everything is finely tuned for the Banat IT Summer BBQ, even the weather is on our side! According to Accuweather, there will be 29 degrees Celsius and bright sunny weather.

Just to make sure that we’ll take a BIT selfie together, register using the link below:

So let there be IT networking, good mood and funky cloches! See you at Banat IT Summer Barbeque!



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