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Banat IT Milestones of 2014

The First Event

Banat IT Summer Barbeque has succeeded in bringing together IT passionates and professionals with a proper mood for networking, socializing and entertainment. It was also an occasion to launch the Banat IT platform. The food, drinks and live music has supplemented our appetites in a country-looking setting, at La Capite. There were contests and raffles with prizes consistent in tech and culture. We had challenges, we had supporters, we got connected.

Warming Up

We have continuously made efforts towards bringing the talented people together. Therefore, we have tried to deliver them reasons to be engaged, to show an interest in being a part of the community. The 2nd and 3rd edition of Timisoara Startup Weekend, the Summer Hackathon, the Google Tango Project hackathon have been occasions where the tech passionates ones had their spots in the first row.

The Association

It was a long way from occasionally sitting at a table and having a discussion on the facts and trends in the local IT scenery to finding the right people to build a self-sustainable talent aggregator as Banat IT. Nonetheless, after a few months of continuous debating and questioning, in November we have finally gone official.

The Total Hit

HackTM was the first hackathon of this kind to gather so many IT passionates with interest in hardware & software development, open-source, city projects, game development or kids coding. We had no less than 400 people in the house, divided into 59 teams which have spread in a 2000 sqm hall. All of this was possible thanks to the 22 sponsors, 17 partners and a big and hard-working team of volunteers.  The 11000 euros in prizes have spurred the competitiveness. You can have a glimpse of it here.

The End of the Year

The replicate of Banat IT Summer Barbeque was, of course, Banat IT X-mas Party. Regardless of the fact that most of the companies have their own season party, we have managed to bring together about 200 people to end the fruitful 2014 in a positive manner.

Other Achievements of connecting thousands of tech professionals at our events, we have also tried to increase the level of awareness regarding the potential in our region. One of the things that went out organically was building an engaged Banat IT community on LinkedIn where over 800 members discuss and share information at ease.

Expanding the Banat IT Industry’s Map to a few hundreds of startups and companies counts too.

Future Plans

This is what we have done in half a year of intense activity. It’s been entertaining, it’s been challenging, it’s been rewarding. But it’s less than a half of what we have in mind for 2015.

Keep an eye on Banat IT!


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