Asociația Banat IT

About us

The western part of Romania known as Banat is a multi-cultural region that brings together Romanian, German, Hungarian and Serbian history in a modern EU context, where English is also widely spoken amongst youngsters and IT-related professionals.

While over the last 15 years the region has been a well-established hub for telecom and automotive IT, more recently it has also become a hot spot for mobile, multimedia or web & cloud service technologies.

The range of expertise goes from HW (both Silicon and PCB) to SW that can span from low-level embedded software to various applications provided either as products or services.

There is a noticeable shift in focus of the multi-national corporations operating in the area, from development to higher value-adding research projects. This is accompanied by the rise of the first local globally-relevant IT entrepreneurs, while Angel and VC funding vehicles emerge along with various other sources, including EU funding opportunities.

This platform (Banat IT – BIT) including a wide social media component is dedicated to all stakeholders in the local IT industry: universities, talent, researchers, IT employees, recruiters, and affiliated supporting services.

BIT is conceived to keep the IT community connected and informed about various opportunities to drive this industry towards continuously leveraging its strengths as a major pole of IT excellence.

The BIT idea and its execution are the results of personal involvement and efforts of a small group of professionals from the sector, and is not directed, endorsed or supported in any way by any public or private local, regional, national or international organization.

Banat IT Legal Documents (in Romanian)

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