Events Calendar

Find what, when and where happens! If you live in Timisoara or visit the city, you'll have frequent opportunities to get in contact with its vibrant IT&C community life by attending one or other of the events scheduled around.

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Banat IT Map

Locate, find out on the spot info on IT&C companies. Navigate from one to another or zoom in and out to find where support organizations for ITC companies are positioned. Everything on a specialized Banat IT Map.

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Tech Communities

Informations and analysis regarding Timisoara's tech ecosystem and individual communities. Learn more about specialized technology knowledge circulated freely and shared within the numerous specialized tech communities.

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Get A Life! :)

Sport, nature protection, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, health, helping-others or combinations of them, are domains where many people from Banat meet, cooperate and work together to change things, mentalities and souls.

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Archive for May, 2014

Where should you CLONE & DRIVE for tech/biz events this Spring?

tech eventsOur Timisoara communities’ tech and entrepreneurial events calendar looks more and more stuffed from one month to the next one.  It happens a lot here, conceptually developed and implemented by wonderful locals for all other wonderful locals. Timisoara is our beloved city but, difficult or not, we have to admit it is not the top of the world. Read more

1st Ever Google Tango Project Hackathon

65651_493033840822187_7519501822344920073_nThe last weekend of April has been a fruitfully tangled one for the IT community of Timisoara. Timisoara Mobile Development Group, Timisoara Google Developer Group and Timisoara Startup Hub have successfully wired exclusive Google Tango devices and resourceful mobile developers to create The First Ever Google Tango Project Hackathon. What they have built, which challenges they have encountered and mostly, whose idea was the most brilliant, you will find out in the lines below.

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Central European Startup Awards Romania: Timisoara has Nominations and Hosts Winner Announcement

 Central European Startup Awards is an initiative launched early this year by an international group of reputed startup expert organizations led by the Budapest-based IseeQ, aiming to bring in the spotlight and to raise the visibility of the best startups from the ecosystems in a region including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. Read more

Cross-pollination in Timisoara Tech Communities. May 2014

Radu Rosu runs Eloquentix, a globally distributed tech company. It’s headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but also has an office in Timisoara. Eloquentix has recently expanded towards New York and in this context, he declared in an interview referring to his initial US location city “I think it’s an environment which is very specific to the area. … It’s calm. It’s gentlemanly. It’s unaggressive. People really take care of each other, really try to help each other out.” Read more